Author | Artist | Illustrator … mainly because he couldn’t find where they were taking applications for Starship Commander.

Joe A. Rector Jr. was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma and currently lives in Florida. Both of his parents, Joe Rector and Marilyn Rector, were artists, and art has always been an important part of Joe Jr.’s life. He was inspired by his father’s work, which often depicts strong and uplifting Native Americans, and would try to draw like him as soon as he was able to hold a pencil.

At the age of 14, Joe Jr. completed his art training with Priscilla Hauser and became the youngest accredited art teacher in the country. He continued to study art, drafting, and design throughout his education. Since 1984, Joe Jr. has been using his artistic and creative abilities in the fields of architectural and engineering design.

In recent years, he has also started working with computer graphics and has gained recognition as a talented book cover designer, with his art being used on the covers of over a dozen published novels. In addition to his artwork, Joe Jr. is also an accomplished author.

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